``Portadish'' -- ways to split a big dish for portability

Done around 15th of June, 2000.

``X-band EME station in a trailer''

``Who has the biggest dish at the camp ?''

The split pictures below are projected orthogonal to beam direction, and and therefore the widths are somewhat wrong as especially the edge parts are considerably tilted from flat plane.

The Radial dimension error is something in order of 6 to 9 percent. More so with narrower edges of the "25%" cases.

Some geometry studies aiming at a car trailer ``portable'' large aperture dish in a compact package

Some boundary conditions for the design:

A few odd thoughts...

Full dish split to 1+6 parts:

Full dish split to 1+8 parts:

Full dish split to 2+6 parts: (or perhaps 4+6)

Full dish split to 4+8 parts: (or 2+8)

Offset dish in 9 panels

About full-dish pedestal:

About offset dish pedestal:

About EL rotor: